What the Seller does to prepare for the sale of a home:

  • Find a buyer;
  • Negotiate sale and sign Agreement of Purchase and Sale;
  • Fulfill all seller condition requirements in the Agreement of Purchase and Sale within the allotted timeframe;
  • Contact our office if you have any questions or concerns;
  • Forward the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to our office and provide us with your contact information;
  • Contact all utility companies and arrange for the closing of accounts and final readings:

Enbridge Consumers Gas

Hydro One – Sellers outside City of Pembroke

Ottawa River Power Corporation – City of Pembroke residents

What Glen and Kathleen do when I am selling my house:

  • Review the Agreement of Purchase and Sale to ensure that all conditions have been met;
  • Make contact with the Client;
  • Respond to the purchaser’s lawyer’s requisitions;
  • Prepare a Statement of Adjustments and vendor’s closing documents;
  • Communicate with the Client’s bank or mortgage company to obtain Discharge Statement;
  • Meet with the Client to review and sign all closing documentation;
  • On the date of closing:
    o Receive closing funds from the purchaser’s lawyer and hand over the keys and vendor’s closing documents;
    o Release the Transfer for registration;
    o Pay out existing Charge (mortgage);
    o Pay out other selling expenses, such as real estate commission and outstanding taxes;
    o Deposit the net sale proceeds to Client’s bank account or prepare a cheque for the Client; and
    o Notify the Client by telephone that the transaction has been completed.
  • Prepare and send a report to Client’s forwarding address.